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Kofa Girl's Money Math Signed Book

Kofa Girl's Money Math Signed Book

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A phenomenal family financial literacy tool has come from the Hackley household. Eden, Kofa Girl, shares a great story of a lesson her father taught her about money and how it comes from her mind, and how she learned the importance of always being a loving person.

Kofa Girl's Money Math is a phenomenal read for your phenomenal child. Kofa is short for Sankofa, which is a Ghanaian term meaning "to go back and fetch what was left behind. We are going to make 500 pre-orders available to the public. Order by  December 20, 2022, for the next shipment. 

The Kofa Girl's Family Authors:

Zoe Hackley
Eden Hackley
C. Danielle Hackley
Dr. Jeremiah C. Hackley

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