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Being Prophecy 2023 - Executive Registration

Being Prophecy 2023 - Executive Registration

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Embrace the abundant grace of the "Being Prophecy 2023 Conference Registration."

Step into a realm of unprecedented liberation and spiritual enlightenment with our VIP Registration for the "Being Prophecy 2023 Conference Registration." Just as Moses led the people out of slavery, our VIP package will lead you toward spiritual freedom and empowerment. This exclusive registration bestows upon you the

  • 3 Certificates for in-depth training (Ai & Brand Technology, Natural Health, Organizational Leadership and Management)
  • 1-1 Visions and Operations audit to guide your path,
  • privileged seating at the Liberty and Liberation luncheon,
  • and the rare opportunity for backstage access to the speakers' reception.

Just as Moses guided the Israelites to freedom, this VIP experience will guide you toward a renewed sense of purpose and spiritual leadership. Join us alongside UCCI, Kingdom Culture, and Interdenominational Leaders from all corners of the nation, and take full advantage of your chance to maximize your potential and achieve spiritual growth at the highest level.

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