The First Hackley Magazines

Hackley & Harrison's Apartment Guide is currently the first known Hackley Global Magazine published in 1930. It featured the new business of Attorney Edwin Henry Hackley who has to move across country to start a new life for his family.

It includes a global listing of housing opportunities in America and Canada for the African-Americans who could not reside in public lodging, as this far pre-dated integration. It is both an innovative social enterprise and a liberation tool for upward mobility. The price was 50 cents.

It also was a sponsored ad space for other businesses, organizations, and events that catered to the demographic. While this is a small part of the phenomenal impact of the Hackley's on the social enterprise space. A coming compilation of the work will soon be release.

Stay Tuned,


Dr. Jeremiah C. Hackley, CEO, Hackley Descendant, & Researcher