• Global Ministry

    Hackley Global is dedicated to serving in vital areas of ministry. With a rich history dating back to Bishop John William Hackley's involvement in the Anti-Slavery Baptist Association during the early 1800's, and carrying on with the impactful work of Bishop Jeremiah Hackley and the JCH Ministries, the Hackley name remains closely connected to the ministry of Jesus Christ.

  • Global Education

    Our family's mission has always aligned with global education, from the legacy of Emma Azalea Hackley and the antebellum work in the early 1900's to the current research and historic preservation efforts by JCH Education. Momma Emma created opportunities for disfranchised students to study abroad. Our work today is to keep her legacy alive.

  • Global Enterprise

    In keeping with the tone guidelines, we uphold the legacy of Edwin Henry Hackley, Esq., who became the first black lawyer in Colorado in the early 1900's. He founded the Colorado Statesman, which is now called the Colorado Politico. JCH Enterprise serves the current technological, publishing, media, and real estate landscapes through its services, consulting, and innovative solutions.