Collection: Love & Grow Rich Collection

The Love & Grow Rich Collection is a tribute to Rev. John William Hackley, Abolitionist and Underground Railroad Champion, who was born at the same time as Napoleon Hill, but did not have the same opportunities. Yet, he overcame his circumstances by raising up a family name that has been defying the social and economic odds stacked against them with Love and a new definition of "Rich."

The collection is also dedicated to his son, Attorney Edwin Henry Hackley, the first African American lawyer in the state of Colorado. He founded a newspaper called The Colorado Statesman in 1888 and went on to publish the Hackley & Harrisons Hotel and Apartment Guide in 1930.

Lastly, this collection is dedicated to Queen Mother Emma Azalia Hackley, the first African American woman Philanthropist to send African Americans to study music abroad. She authored the book The Colored Girls Beautiful and her music and pedagogical works are published throughout the world. To learn more about the Hackley Legacy click here.

Dr. Jeremiah C. Hackley is the designer of the Love and Grow Rich collection, the curator of the Black Theologian Project, and a direct descendant of all three Phenomenal Liberators.

Love & Grow Rich Collection