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"The Hackley family celebrates 200 years of faith and work, creating Havens and Heavens for the Global Freedom of Humanity. Our site is in re-development, but feel free to engage all the resources currently available." @DrJCHackley

Emma Azalia Hackley & Hackley Chorale 's 100th Anniversary

Welcome and click on the video above to share in our 200-year old story begins with love, innovation, and education. Dr. Jeremiah C. Hackley, direct descendant of two centuries of abolitions, is an educator, minister, and master designer.

Kingdom First 2023

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Morehouse School of Religion Collection

Morehouse School of Religion Collection

The Morehouse School of Religion Collection is a group of designs created... 

Love & Grow Rich Collection

Love & Grow Rich Collection

The Love & Grow Rich Collection is a tribute to Rev. John... 

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